Product Configurator ESYON

The Dynamics 365 Web Configurator

The Dynamics 365 Web Configurator

Key Features at a Glance

Key Features at a Glance

Guided Configuration with Plausibility Check

Ensure a pleasant and error-free ordering process for your customers. With our Product Configurator for Dynamics 365, both simple and highly complex products can be individually assembled with a multitude of variants. The entered data is immediately checked for plausibility to prevent errors. During the configuration, the customer receives live calculations at each step with instantly visible prices.

Directly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance

The logic, maintenance, and framework of the products to be configured are centrally managed in Dynamics 365. This has the advantage that inventory, prices, descriptions, and other details only need to be maintained in a single system, making them less prone to errors. The direct integration with Dynamics 365 eliminates the need for additional middleware. Product changes can be transferred directly to the webshop without any performance loss.

For all major e-commerce platforms

With the Product Configurator, you create a central data repository for your online shop. The maintenance effort remains centralized in your Dynamics 365 ERP system and can subsequently be transferred to your webshop via an interface. This is possible for all major e-commerce platforms. If you choose OXID eShop, the integration of our Product Configurator with the webshop is included by default.

Available for: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail

All Features at a Glance

  • Product Configurator for Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Product Configurator for the Online Shop of Your Choice
  • Central Maintenance and Management of Data in Dynamics 365
  • Configuration-dependent Pricing according to D365
  • Real-time Communication with Inventory & Co.
  • Reduced Errors due to Unified Information